The Falcon The Student News Site of The Kinkaid School Mon, 02 Mar 2020 16:27:07 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Students celebrate Go Texan Day Fri, 28 Feb 2020 16:21:31 +0000 This Friday, Upper School students celebrated Go Texan Day with many students and faculty members dressing in western attire. The Rodeo is set to begin tonight with the annual cook-off taking place at NRG Park tonight. This marks the beginning of Rodeo Season which encapsulates the profound effect it has on our city and state. The rodeo provides for a wonderful experience of events, carnival rides and games, great food, and excellent entertainment. Notable performers this year include Willie Nelson, Midland, Lizzo, and Chance the Rapper. The performances combine outstanding country music with more popular music today. 

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Independent study creates art feature Mon, 24 Feb 2020 14:56:59 +0000

Vibrant hues and warm faces made of brilliant paints and glazes light up the downstairs hallway in the student life building. Curated by senior Priscilla Mach, “Appreciating African American Leaders: in Houston and Beyond” features historical African American figures from the Houston area. Being an artist herself, Mach knew she wanted to spend her interim at an art museum. Enthusiastically, Mach explained her day to day at HMAAC, which included writing artist contracts, setting up exhibits, and assisting tours of the museum. After developing a relationship with the team at HMAAC, Priscilla spoke with the archivist, who introduced some important African American figures from historical Houston. 

“There were all of these stories and Houston figures that I had never heard of, and these people had done really important things”, said Mach. “I wanted to bring them in to light, which is what led to the creation of ‘Appreciating African American Leaders: in Houston and Beyond’”

Mach gained sources and information on the featured figures primarily from the Gregory school’s library, which has a vast collection of  African American resources. Each artist that participated created a piece of a figure they connected with the most. Mach said, “I really hope that more people do internships with HMAAC, I hope this opens a door for that because I think not only is it good job it experience, but an important life experience as well.”

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Q&A with senior choreographer Mon, 24 Feb 2020 14:49:02 +0000 Every Spring, junior and senior dancers, who are in advanced dance and/or DCO, have the opportunity to choreograph, direct and design a dance performance. This process is something they work tirelessly to produce by organizing auditions, cating, conceiving their pieces, designing their own lighting, and designing costumes. “They are learning to be flexible, while standing up for their own vision, they are learning to truly collaborate with a variety of people both students and adults, they are learning about scheduling, learning to to have efficient rehearsals and learning effective communication skills both as teachers of steps and as an artist communicating their art and vision. ” said Upper School theater and dance teacher Kristen McKinney.  This year ten choreographer (Sarah Stephens, Serena Thompson, Sapphire Thompson, Madison Edwards, Katie Taylor, Ella Ducharme, Megan Maclay, Caroline Grinstead, Lee Saunders, Carlie Sachs) will see their choreography come to life on at the showcase on April 25 and 26. 


Q&A with senior Katie Taylor: 

  1. How do you choose a song/ what do you look for when choosing a song to choreograph to? 
    1. It kinda depends. Some people find a certain style of dance they want to choreograph and then they find a song to match that, but then some people find a song they are inspired by and dance to that. For me, I knew I wanted to do a hip hop that was fun and energetic so I looked for lots of loud beats and intense music. To find my song, I looked at different artist’s music who I already know have the hype music I was looking for. 
  2. Can you explain or walk me through what the choreography project process looks like? 
    1. After finding a song, choreographers will begin to slowly choreograph their dances piece by piece. We have open auditions where we teach students a few bits of 3 different dances — normally, one contemporary, one jazz and one hip hop — and then assess how they performed with the given choreography. After auditions are over, choreographers meet together and create their “dream casts” and then we configure a schedule that works for everyone. After the schedule is made, the choreographers team up with lighting designers in tech theater and we create our stage lighting from scratch. Once we all have our casts and stage lighting done, we start rehearsing for about 6-7 weeks before tech week begins. Once we have rehearsed and finished dress rehearsals we perform!
  3. How have you prepared for the projects in the past years? What have you learned from being a part of past projects? 
    1. Last year, I choreographed with Sarah Stephens and I think it was a great way for me to slowly understand how the choreography process works, without fully being dropped in the deep end. Split with Sarah, we were able to understand the efficient ways in teaching choreography, how to create formations etc. From being a choreographer and also in other dances, it really opened my eyes to see how difficult it is to transfer your ideas on paper onto other bodies, while still maintaining the “image” you want. 
  4. How do you choose your cast of dancers for your piece? Are you looking for a specific skill set or type of dancer? 
    1. Personally for me, I look for a mix of skill and personality. In hip hop, you want people to look like they are having fun and smiling — so I look for people in auditions who are smiling and look relaxed and like they are having a good time. Also, skill-wise, I look for people with good rhythm and who can “groove” to the music like I envision. 
  5. What is it like seeing your dance come to life on stage?
    1. Seeing my dance come to life on stage is one of the most satisfying things because it truly portrays all of the stress and hard work that all the choreographers have worked through. All of these projects take so much time and energy out of us and once it is performed on stage it is so rewarding.
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Boys Lacrosse to play state champs Fri, 21 Feb 2020 14:57:08 +0000 As the new spring sports season commences, the Kinkaid Boys Lacrosse team looks to win their first game tonight against Episcopal School of Dallas.

According to the team, the Falcons feel confident with the upcoming season. “So far this year, both our offense and defense look strong. We are all excited to play together everyday and come to practice with a new intensity. We are all motivated to go out and prove ourselves, from the senior captains and leaders to the underclassmen,” said sophomore Kee Shaper. The team will be benefiting from the 10 seniors returning, providing much-needed guidance for the Falcons.

On the offensive side of the ball, all eyes will be on both Payton Herleth and CC Jeffers as they were the most productive returning seniors last year with 20+ goals to showcase. The Falcons went 6-10 last season and hope to bounce back this year with a talented group of players.

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Historic pep rally celebrates winter sports Fri, 14 Feb 2020 14:35:51 +0000 Kinkaid made history last Friday, Feb. 7 by hosting the first-ever winter pep rally. With Valentine’s theme, by all accounts, it was a great success so expect a repeat of this in the future.  

Love was in the air when Nakeeya McCardell, a senior on the girl’s basketball team, played bachelorette with three members of the boy’s basketball team who attempted to win her over with their romantic gestures.

The swim team repeated this game but this time it was senior Michael Bell interviewing three girl swimmers. Sophomore Dylan Keller was given the rose in the end. “It was awesome! I was nervous at first, but once it started it was really fun participating, especially when I won my part.” 

The final act of the winter pep rally was a Q&A with “siblings vs boyfriends” to see who knew the girl better. Catherine, William, and Harrison Scott competed with sister Elizabeth’s boyfriend Christian Limóin. And Harrison Jones competed with sister Bennett Jones’s boyfriend, Jack Randall.

It was a festive way to celebrate our winter sports teams competing in SPC in Dallas this weekend, and remember talons Up and go falcons.

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Kinkaid expects to win big in SPC Wed, 12 Feb 2020 17:21:24 +0000 This weekend, athletes will compete in the toughest games of the season. If they win, they will be bringing an SPC title back home to Kinkaid.

The boys basketball tournament will be hosted by Greenhill and Cistercian in Dallas, Texas. Kinkaid is going into the tournament as the south-zone’s fourth seed. Their first game will be on Feb. 13 at 5:30 p.m. against Trinity Valley School. The winner of this game will go on to play the north-zone’s first seed, St. Mark’s School of Texas. St. Marks is extremely good, with one of its students just being named the Insider Sports Player of the Week. If the Falcons defeat both teams, they will reach the final four. The boys are fresh off a close win, so hopefully their momentum will carry forward.

The girls basketball tournament will be hosted by Episcopal School of Dallas. The Kinkaid girls are the south-zone’s No. 1 seed, so they will get a first-round bye and will later play the winner of the Trinity Valley School vs. St. John’s game. The girls have had a really good season and have dominated their competition, so hopefully they can dominate in SPC as well.

Boys soccer will be hosted by Greenhill and St. Marks in Dallas. Like the girls basketball team, the boys soccer team is the south-zone’s No. 1 seed, which means they will be exempt from the first round and will play the winner of Greenhill vs. Awty International School. So far, the boys soccer team has been “messing teams up,” starting right midfielder Ethan Jett said.

Girls soccer will be hosted by Hockaday in Dallas. The girls are the south-zone’s fourth seed and will play Casady on Feb. 13. The winner of this will play the host, Hockaday.

Swimming and diving will be held at Lewisville ISD Westside Aquatic Center, hosted by Hockaday and Cistercian. Athletes will warm up at 8:30 a.m. and the event will start around 10. 

Wrestling will be hosted by St. Mark’s. Weigh-in is at 7:30 a.m. About 45 minutes after the 8:15 a.m. seeding meeting, the matches will start. Because the seeds have not yet been decided,the competitors have not been determined. One thing is sure, the state champion St. John’s team will be tough to be beat.


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Rockets going small Tue, 11 Feb 2020 18:40:10 +0000 On January 31, 2020, For the first time in 57 years, an NBA team played a full game without playing a man over 6’6”. 

This was the start of a new style of play.

Since that historic game, the Houston Rockets have continued to follow their strategy of “Small Ball”. The Rockets have gone 4-0 with the lineup not including a Center, or any player over 6’8”. 

The new small ball era began with Clint Capela’s injury leaving the rockets without their premier big man, and they adapted to their new identity.

With the team performing well and coming out of their previous slump, this will likely be the way the rockets orchestrate their team for the remainder of the season.

After starting to see results of the highly effective small ball lineup, the Houston Rockets decided to be active in the trade deadline, negotiating with three other teams for a massive four team trade. These teams included the Rockets, Minnesota Timberwolves, Atlanta Hawks, and Denver Nuggets.

This trade landed the rockets Robert Covington, a 6’8”  “3 and D” Power Forward that is so coveted in the NBA. This size and ability to shoot threes and play defense makes Covington a seamless fit into our team.

In the trade, the Rockets gave up longtime starting center Clint Capela, backup center Nene, and a shooting guard in Gerald Green. This officially let the NBA know that the rockets are all in on the small ball style of play, as they traded their only big man to get significant minutes in Capela. 

The first game since the Capela trade was a statement to the league. On February 6, the Rockets went to Los Angeles to play against the top-seeded Lakers and some of the best big men in basketball in 6’9” LeBron James, 6’10” Anthony Davis, and 6’11” Dwight Howard. 

With memes and slander flying all over the internet and media, many expected this unorthodox style of placing 6’5” PJ Tucker at Center to defend the behemoths in James, Davis, and Howard would go horribly. However, the Rockets silenced these doubts in the best way possible, going to Staples Center and shocking the Lakers. 

With the Rockets tallest listed player to enter the game being the newly-acquired 6’7” Robert Covington, Houston went nuclear offensively against much bigger competition. The Rockets went 19-42 from three point range, an impressive 45% mark.

The Rockets play-style is morphing into something the NBA has never seen before, and with a promising start, time will tell how the league will react.

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Both soccer and basketball teams notch key wins at Awty Wed, 05 Feb 2020 18:04:36 +0000 The boys and girls basketball teams won both their games in blowouts Tuesday night at Awty, while the girls and boys soccer teams split. 

Boys’ basketball won in commanding fashion, almost doubling Awty’s score in a 51-26 win last night, following girls’ basketball win earlier that night, 67-19. The boys’ team moved to 13-8 on the season, including 4-2 in SPC. The girls’ team moved to 14-9, including 5-1 in SPC, and capped off a 7-game win streak going into their final game of the season. Both teams play again on February 7 against St. John’s in a home game that matters to the success of the team.

On the outside of the courts, boys’ and girls’ soccer split games as the girls’ extended their win streak to 5, having scored 25 straight goals without conceding one. Meanwhile, the boys’ represented the sole loss at Awty in their first loss of the season after starting 12-0. The girls’ team currently has a 4-2 record in SPC, and with a win against undefeated St. John’s this Friday, can jump to third in South Zone before SPC. The boys’ team has a 5-1 record, tied with St. John’s ahead of their matchup on Friday to decide who wins first in South Zone for SPC.

“All credit is due to the midfield and defenders to help with another shutout, and to extend our streak of wins to five,” said senior goalkeeper Meredith Huston.

All four teams play their final matches of the season this Friday ahead of SPC competition next weekend.


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Interim class installs art across school Fri, 31 Jan 2020 20:52:56 +0000 If you walked through the halls of Kinkaid during Interim Term, you might have noticed something a little odd: a balloon tree.

“The Public Art, Installation Art, Experiential Art” class taught by visual arts teacher Mr. Anthony Suber took students around Houston to visit notable artistic sites such as the Project Row Houses, Art Car Museum and downtown murals. 

When the students were not on field trips, they were utilizing their creativity to construct their own public art installations. Mr. Suber challenged his students to “spend time exploring and experiencing artwork” so that they could become better artists.

Students throughout the class were encouraged to make connections between the art they saw and their own personal creations. By generating ideas about art and meshing them with their personal inspirations, his students produced striking art that brought light, color, and life to the Student Life Building. 

The students artwork promoted creativity and provoked others to think about themselves and the world around them.

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9th and 10th grade to have dance in Doggett Fri, 31 Jan 2020 20:22:20 +0000 Dozens of students will gather in the Doggett gym to dance and laugh with their friends, as well as hang out and play video games on Saturday night. 

For more than two hours, the gym will be open to students and faculty who wish to dance and relax on Feb. 1. 

This year’s student planning committee wanted to do something different and better than dances in the past. Over the course of several meetings last semester, the party planning committee decided to choose a video game theme because it appeals to everyone. 

“It seems like a fun opportunity to be with my friends,” said freshman Josh Hopkins.

In addition to a DJ, several classic and modern arcade games such as Mario Cart will be available. There will be a photo booth and prizes. 

“I think Kinkaid dances are fun and everyone should attend,” sophomore Mallory Sikes said.

The dance is exclusive to freshmen and sophomores. Students will be permitted to enter until 8:30 p.m. and they will not be allowed to leave before 10 p.m. The dance will end at 10:30. 

There has been a lot of “hype” surrounding the event.

“I’m excited to get my boogie on,”  freshman Ben Holm said.

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